People are our greatest strength and the vehicle for all our success. The our day-to-day is made of challenging and innovative projects, national and international career opportunities.

Our team is young, ambitious and motivated.

We recruit the best.


Our Human Capital


  • José Carlos Amador

    Director of Marketing and Innovation - MTS Portugal

    "Martifer Solar is a young company with a young team, where we embrace each project with great enthusiasm and energy.

    The challenges and opportunities appear regularly and naturally, I would actually say , that is a consequence of what is our day -to-day.

    Martifer Solar brings together a set of knowledge that positions in prominent international level.

    To be part of this team and to contribute to the international success that is Martifer Solar , is a pride and an honor!"

  • Deirdre Ryon

    Financial Assistant - MTS Belgium

    "Working at Martifer Solar makes me feel accomplished , for my personal goals and objectives and for a greener and Eco friendly society. The great responsibility of our generation is to contribute to a better environment and be part of one of the most important players in the introduction of green energy in the world, which is certainly something that makes me very proud. Due to continuous development and competitiveness in the market, I never cease to be part of a great team whom I call family, striving together to overcome all challenges. There is a long way to go, but our mission is clear and our commitment and dedication we get together."

  • Luis Marques

    Director of Supervision and Analytics - MTS Portugal

    Working in Martifer Solar is working at the speed of ( solar) light…

    Actually has been something unique, in the end of 2009 I started with 3 parks and at this time we are about to reach the goal of 400 parks;5 years of Martifer Solar has been a mix of challenges and overcome goals.

    It's fantastic to be part of this team and very gratifying to know that you are part of such a young structure, that can also be in the Top 5 worldwide.

  • Francisco Oliveira

    Project Manager – MTS Portugal

    Martifer Solar was, for me, my professional cradle. With it, I grew , learned and overcome challenges as part of its way and its success.Martifer Solar offers its employees career development opportunities and personal growth. All of us the have ability to enhance our skills, knowledge and experience based on a strong commitment and dedication. The result is motivated and ambitious teams.

    Working at Martifer Solar is to grow, to challenge me and help make a difference, feeling proud when we achieve the proposed objectives. All of this, in a professional environment with a great union of spirit, as if it were a family.